Mission Statement

Innovent Brands, Inc. is committed to introducing unique and innovative products while developing strong marketing programs that allow us to successfully market to a loyal and ever growing customer base.

Channels of Distribution

Innovent Brands, Inc. covers all channels of distribution: mass, drug, grocery, specialty retailers, catalog and online retailers. We also cater to small mom and pop stores throughout the US, Canada, and Worldwide. We maintain an excellent sales and customer service record.

Marketing New Markets, New Approaches

Innovent Brands is committed to investing our resources to aggressively market new products. We are committed to several major trade shows in 2020 . We will be exhibiting at the International Gift Show in Atlanta, GA, the International Hardwares show in Las Vegas, NV, as well as the Camping and Outdoors Show in Salt Lake City.

Innovent Brands, has several unique proprietary manufacturing processes and patents. Innovent Brands continues to grow by creating exciting new products, combined with innovative marketing strategies. The creative team at Innovent Brands has spent years perfecting a new and patent-pending printing technology, allowing us to imprint full-color images and photos permanently on certain types of fabric and substrates. The resulting products are amazing, and are revolutionizing collectibles and consumer products.

This innovative and proprietary technology has opened up brand new markets for licensed products, adding NEW untapped streams of revenue to the licensor to help grow the overall pie, not just slicing it into more pieces.

The growth of Innovent Brands, in part, is due to innovative products but more importantly, it is the development of products and marketing strategies that introduce new collectors and help build on to existing fan bases.